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Welcome to UpBiz SaaS

Digital transformation of your traditional business.

Cost Effective

A reasonable amount and quality of services for the amount of money one spends.

Prominent Features

Tracking of orders , Payment records , Dealing business transactions

Real Time Deal

Digitally manage your complete business.

How can we help you?

Manage multiple businesses at one platform

This allows you to run more than one business on a single platform, now manage your businesses separately.

Track orders Payment

This allows you to track all order payments and information access whether it is partially paid, overdue or fully paid.

Auto renewal of services

This will make it possible to automatically renew subscription services.

Theme customization

Choose your preferred theme and personalize it.


Very simple solution for companies that includes subscription services as well as products, stock management, order tracking, payment tracking now easily managed at this platform.

Who / What we serve?

Small and medium-sized businesses that need daily monitoring of sales, purchase of products/services..

  • for transforming traditional approaches to business tracking.
  • efficient point of sale (POS) system to create orders
  • allows your delivery person to accept and track a service or product order.



  • No. of businesses 2
  • No. of customers 5000
  • No. of delivery boys 7
  • No. of products 500


  • No. of businesses 5
  • No. of customers 100000
  • No. of delivery boys 50
  • No. of products 50000


600 ( $650)
  • No. of businesses 1
  • No. of customers 100
  • No. of delivery boys 2
  • No. of products 100


11,000 ( $12000)
  • No. of businesses 10
  • No. of customers 6000
  • No. of delivery boys 200
  • No. of products 5000


The UpBiz SaaS system will make it possible to keep track of orders ,products and services through Website. an easy approach to turning your traditional way of doing business into a digital platform.

small to medium scale businesses Ex, Wholeseller, Vendor, Retailers, Shop owner, Urban service provider, Good suppliers

Rapid order placement, payment tracking and inventory management will help businesses that rely on bills and pens.

UpBiz SaaS

Top features of this system which will transorm your business

1.Pos systen for orders

2.Auto renew subscriptions

3.Delivery Challan

4.Cash Flow