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About us

UpBiz SaaS is a website solution to manage your business.

UPBiz - A platform for transforming your conventional business into digital.

Inventory, Accounting, Invoicing Software. UpBiz provides features for strong order management, it helps you manage everything from product management to order management to track every transaction. Upbiz offers a system of multiple roles for users. With UpBiz businessmen can easily manage inventory and subscriptions with the help of its prominent features.

Grow your business rapidly as it will reduce your paperwork. Straightforward solution for companies that include subscription services as well as products, and stock management, now easily managed at this platform.

Inventory : 

Track Complete inventory with Upbiz such as product type, stock, units, variants, and all other details by listing them. it makes sure that all the items being ordered in the store remain available when required.


With Upbiz record all the transactions of orders whether its fully paid or partially paid. Further maximizing sales its suitable for growing businesses that need to keep their accounting in check. By recording the expenses, Moreover, it will help save time creating business reports.

Invoicing Software:

UpBiz is an excellent addition to your business as it helps you automate your billing requirements, including GST return filing, inventory management, invoicing, and billing.

We are talking about improving the life of a segment that is the largest in our nation, i.e ‘Small Business Sector’ the heartbeat of our economy. One major aspect holding down the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector is that they hardly have any access to proper technology. Easing this situation will go a long way in nurturing and sustaining SMEs. To let India emerge as one of the brightest economic spots in the coming years, businesses should focus on ways to make cash rather than getting stuck up in counting cash. It basically helps them do business accounting easier with the modern digital way!